Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Jan 31: Buddhist meditation and discussion on clothing

I got to share with the friends some basic concepts of Buddhist meditation, such as staying in the moment, with help of an exotic instrument called 'Jaw's harp' and some walking meditation practice.

Afterwards, we shared our thoughts about how these practices felt and then moved on to discussing Clothing and headwear in different religions (thank to Natalie, who suggested the topic).

Moving on to the next meeting. Yoji kindly suggested discussing Altruism as understood in you faith. Please, feel free to bring a reading from your scriptures that talks about altruism and then if you could perhaps explain what this means to you as a believer. Thank you.

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Jan 23: call for future ideas

At the meeting on the 23rd of January we decided to have a person responsible for each meeting. This person prepares a 10 minute interactive presentation/ workshop on some topic that interests him/her related to his/her or a different religion. This we decided will be followed by discussing some topic based on our understanding of our religions' scriptures.

In addition, we decided to continue visiting places of worship and to run some sort of an environmental project.

Please find attach two files, which all of you are more than welcome to edit. Please add ideas on what to discuss, where to go and what to do and please appoint yourself to chair meetings.

Interfaith Society Meetings

Date Chair 10 minute Interactive Presentation/Workshop Scripture Study Topic
30 January Oxana Staying in the present moment (aspects of Buddhist meditation) ?
6 February
13 February
20 February

Please note that the date of a tree planting that we can participate in is quite soon - the 31 of January. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I will contact the organisers.
Oldham - Tree Planting Event - Limeside Park

Start: 31/01/2007

The event will comprise of tree planting over 3 days at Limeside Park in Oldham. All day session or two sessions 10-12 & 2-4pm local schools, groundworks, Contour staff, Friends of park and residents will get involved in planting new trees, plants and bulbs.

Parking is available at the tenents hall on Limeside Park.
Buses stop on Elm Road and Hollins Road within walking distance to Limeside Park.
If you require any further information please contact the event organiser directly using the contact details below:

Shanine Meadowcroft Telephone: 0161 682 4019 e-mail