Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Banquet

The topic of this term's banquet was profits and prophets.

Buddhist speaker was Oxana. She spoke about
Buddha's method, he varied it as per the person who asked, was flexible, usually gave them certain meditation practice suited to them
3 points of Buddhism
Do no evil: she gave up meat since last 3 years, was difficult at first, then realised she really didnt have to kill all those animals, sweatshops: didnt shop in high street at all, instead hand knit, charity shops, swap shop etc
Do good
Train the heart and mind: did meditation
Capitalism: greed. Buddhism: to control greed
Quote from Dhammapada on the mind, and on love can conquer hate, so Buddhists dont like to fight

Sikh speaker: Mukteshwar.
Capitalism: exploitation of the proteriat
capitalism is here to stay, might as well accept it, cant say its wrong, lets make ti more benevolent and equitable
Sikhism: to share with others, earn honest living
So if you are accountant, be honest in your dealings etc
Equality: no distinction of race, caste, gender
Can have ideals but cant force everyone to think that way, so have to made do with capitalism, work with it, make it fairer
Maya: money, distracting from what matter, to be with God, need detachment

Hindu speaker: sahila goswami
Companies, corporations to maximise profits
if use profits for greater good of society: good
ancient varna system: each person grouped as per ability and occupation, each person's duty to fulfil potential. All fulfil their roles to the best of their ability
incentive: development of society, not personal gain at expense of others
Marrying capitalism with morality, ethics, religion, values, principles

Muslim speaker: Khan moghul
Islam: middle of road approach
duty to fulfill work, maintain family and society
disposable income: pay 2.5% tax to society
Zakaat: contribution from individual to society
each pound you earn has contribution from other members of society
No restriction to earn money: earn by fair means, put part of money back to society
islamic world: in some parts govt takes 2.5% directly off the bank as zakaat, goes to fund various projects. in others, no compulsion, obligation to individual to pay dues, as a good muslim, else no bonus positive points in the next world.
if you accumulate lots of capital: burden on you
not rich get richer and poor get poorer, bring them toegther, rich contribute to society and poor benefit from contribution
Answer to question: zakaat on top of tax, if your income below threshold no need to pay zakaat, only by and for muslims

Ananda marga speaker: avadhoot acharya ravi shankar ananda
Intro: with a namaskaar, i salute divinity within you, acknowledge divine consciousness no matter who, love of heart whatever be your language or culture.
Meditation society: Wednesdays, burlington rooms 4:30-6:30 pm
role of meditation is to build relationship with supreme being call by whatever name
vegetarianism: in whole yoga tradition
capitalism by itself isnt wrong but the present form its evolved to is fundamentally wrong. its got impact on human life, responsible for brutality, wars fought under different pretexts, causes disguised but wars are for certain values. the beneficiaries of capitalism are getting fewer and fewer, it perpetrates very inhumane system.
huge social impact of the system, even in uk 5th richest country: also on psychic and emotional level, people dont live wholesome life
we measure wealth in materialistic terms, there should be an index for well being
its wrong how we have allowed capitalism to degenerate
analysis of social orders:
history before industrial age in uk: holy roman empire, run by intellectuals, priests
before that: run by military, qualities of warriors
present financial system: run by merchants, nucleus of control of todays society is in the hands of those who control the means of production
All these systems were good when they started, then became bad. time to shift social cycle away from capitalist system
prout.org and prout.net
Economic system as alternative to both capitalism and communism proposed in india in 1950s by mystic indian activist PR Sarkar
progressive utilisation theory
based on 3 levels of economy:
huge industry such as electricity in habds of govt, national industry
vast bulk made of cooperatives, people who are working own them
corner newsagents etc: privately owned
Book titled "After capitalism"
Quote by PR sarkar: o humans get up and awaken, why you waste time, supreme being calling you, tear the shroud of darkness

Christian speaker: Felix martin
Christianity is a religion of one person, Jesus christ, not systems, not merging into world
Christians therefore seek to follow Christ
christ was a jew, grew up in parents home, led normal life, was carpenter. he was historic figure. similarly the church lives in time, is historic, needs to own property.
it doesnt have to be against human capital
Jesus said: pay ceaser what is ceaser's. pay God what is God's.
so we should pay our taxes to govt
one can follow christian values in a monstery
but jesus himself worked, earned his living, and also preached
we need to set priorities in life, all things belong to god but we should recognise other peoples contribution also
so work, make things little more christian. christian values: all human beings have dignity, right to eat, procreate, right to life from conception to grave, freedom of conscience: free to choose any faith/belief
we are children of god, made in image of god
act like jesus christ did, he is our guide
prayer: we understand sim, we are not on own, its a high ideal, we fall short. we need to acknowledge sin, as for god's grace to improve

Bahai speaker: Gopi raman
what is the model: our own needs, needs of society, improvement of planet
people have physical needs and also spiritual
if you work in spirit of service to othert people, it becomes like worship
bahais: no prohibition of wealth, wealth creation Vs manipulation. people should be rewarded for efforts
no extremes
profit motive guided by moral value
honesty is foundation of all virtues
family baslance and gender equality: expression of female values also: care for others
education universal
globalisation may have disadvanges, but its real and here to stay. we cant escape it
bahai principles: a new world order, global commonwealth, international law, one currency, auxilliary language
thus bahai faith principles seek to put systems in place, understand how to make it work
oneness of humanity: special paradigm shift.
what is effect of wealth creation on community/environment
all religions are connected.
consciousness of the world is shifting, individual to oneness
can elarn a lot by how bahai community governs itself
organic, groing around world, 800 million, decisions through consultation

Q1. activism and injustic, coencept of jehad, 3 layers of jihad
jihad: technical term against injustice
2nd step of hihad: write ro talk about injustice till it stops
3rd step: think in heart: i abhor it
Bro Bilal: muslim chaplain

Discussion questions:
1. do teachings of your faith favour capitalism? if so why?
2. does your faith uphold capitalism: how and why? discuss in 4 groups

Thursday, 6 March 2008

The Banquet multifaith meeting

Today was the Banquet, the multifaith discussion on the issue of what religion has to offer for promoting peace in the community. This was part of the manchester peace week, in which among other things theres a solidarity walk tomorrow in some parts of manchester that have been hit by youth gang violence.

There were short talks by representatives of different religions. The sikh speaker was most inspiring, he spoke with a lot of passion, he said sikhism is a peace loving religion, they have never persecuted people on basis of what you believe, yet sometimes its necessary to act when injustice is being done, if a poor woman is being beaten on street its necessary to defend her etc. So sikhs have historically done that, many centuries ago thousands of sikhs including one of their gurus laid down their lives defending some hindu pandits from religious persecution. He showed the ceremonial dagger all male sikhs are expected to wear, how they face lots of persecution for that, also recently decided not to meet the pope in his visit to US because of this.
The Jewish speaker gave a very well structured and logical talk, spoke of how all jews arent zionists and vice versa, the core teaching of judaism is dont do to others what you dont want to be done to yourself. The muslim speaker spoke about how islam, based on complete surrender to the will of God, is a peace loving religion and what many terrorists do in name of islam isnt supported theologically. The hindu speaker spoke of Gandhi's ahimsa and how whatever happens in life is all for the best, therefore no point of violence. There were no speakers from some other religions such as wicca and buddhism, partly to keep number of speakers manageable so there could be time for discussion. Question-answer session was over food, the food was most delicious curry with both vegetarian and non vegetarian options. All people who came really liked the discussion and the speakers views.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Interfaith Soc meeting this tursday

Hi, Everyone. Next Tuesday is usual curry meal + film. We will be discussing the Banquet which is happening in three weeks. Oh, and why not discuss about Danish Cartoon controversy? Last weeks' discussion about Sharia comment made by the Archbishop of Canterbury was interesting.

James. Can you finalise the time and the room. Plus could you ask Garry to make the poster.
Mo. Can you bring my memory stick and "Everything is Illuminated"
Kevin. Can you make a contact with Hindu speaker.
Enrique. If you are attending, could you bring two special funding request forms.


Last week's email

Hi everyone. There will be a meal followed by a documentary film called "The Great Silence" and is about Cartoussian (a Catholic order) monks in the South of France. .

See you


Islamic awareness week announcement

Islamic Awareness Week 10 -14th March

In the Famous Hadeeth, Rasool Allah (S) said to the effect:
Facilitate things to people (concerning religious matters) and do not make it hard for them (the unbelivers) and give them good tidings (1:69 Saheeh Bukhari)

As you all know every year the Islamic Society hold an "Islamic Awareness Week" which is a week dedicated to non Muslims intending to relay to them the collect image of Islam to best of our ability. There will be an array of activities and talks designed to educate and enlighten non Muslims about Islam.
Every Prophet (A) informed their people of the truth from God and this event gives all Muslims an opportunity to for fill this Sunnah of the Prophets (A)

nhsf : get involved


Calling all members!! Do YOU want to get involved with the organisation of our events? Have you wanted to co-ordinate events such as Sitaare or Omkari, or organize our weekly Football? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE...

This week our weekly member's meeting continue...

Date: Monday 18th February 2008
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Manchester Met SU, Conference Room 2, 3rd floor

The meeting will look at the structure of the society and it's activities. An excellent opportunity to have one-to-one discussions with committee members.

Here are some of the areas of the society where you can make a difference...

* Football
* Netball
* Kabaddi/Kho
* Dance Workshops
* Education
* Sewa and Fundraising
* Graphics Design
* Publications and Articles
* Events Management (Omkari/Sitaare)

Meetings will continue throughout the semester. Please come along, and join the team. This is your chance to get involved with NHSF and become part of the committee selection process for next year, and will be a great opportunity for you to direct your opinion, comments, suggestions and questions directly to the committee regarding the running of NHSF Manchester so far this year.


NHSF Manchester.
t: 07092 258 264
e: manchester@nhsf.org.uk

Friday, 15 February 2008

[mubs] Thursday Sutta Study

Hi everyone. This week, we spent entire one hour focusing on just two twin verses. We are still going through the first Chapter of Dhammapada. We are up to the Verse 8.

Next week's sutta study class is again at St. Peter's Chaplaincy at 5.45 followed by the talk.

The main translation we are using are


Next week is also the last week for the talk program. From the following week, we are shifting the time to 6:30pm so that some of you could finish dinner beforehand.


Thursday, 14 February 2008

Pints of view

Dear friends
You are warmly invited to Owens Park Bar in Fallowfield next Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. for the start of a new interfaith discussion group. "Pints of View" is based at Owens Park and is intended for residents of OP; however to help us get it started I am inviting all students on our mailing list to come so we can have a group there.
Come along to exercise your brain and add your two cents, as we say in the States.
Join the "Pints of View" group on facebook

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

SCM this sunday

Hope you are all ok
I have been asked to pass this on;
This Sunday Revd Martin Thompson, National Co-ordinator of the Student Christian
Movement, will be preaching at St. Peter's House, his first visit to us. He
will also set up a stand for the coffee hour after worship and I am sure would
welcome help from the local SCM.
Please come and welcome Martin to St. Peter's! The service is at 11 a.m. this
Sunday, 17 Feb. 2008.

There will be lunch afterwards

Hope to see you soon


Tuesday, 12 February 2008

SCM meeting: Thursday 14 Feb


Fancy escaping the swarms of hearts, simpering teddy bears and romantic tat that will be descending upon the UK on February the 14th?

Then why not come for a free meal and talk on Thursday evening instead!

6.30pm at St Peter's Chaplaincy for dinner, or come along at 7.30 for a talk entitled 'Love and Social Justice'. It would be great to see you all there.

For those of you who have not yet heard, the results of last Thursday's SCM annual elections are as follows:

SCM Co-Ordinator: Holly Cumbers
Secretary: Daisy Black
Treasurer: Tim Traivasse

Please feel free to contact us using this address if you have any questions about or suggestions for SCM.

We are currently in need of kind culinary volunteers to make food for us for sessions on the 28th Feb, 6th of March and 13th of March - please get in contact with Holly if you can help out. Likewise, if anybody would be interested in leading a talk or workshop, we have a slot free on the 6th of March and are looking for people to conduct sessions after Easter.

Best wishes,



Also at St Peter's:

Keep It Simple Service
Sundays at 6.30pm

Reflective student-led worship, food and fellowship. This term follows the readings of the Easter vigil.

For more information, please contact James Grant: james.grant@manchester.ac.uk

Sunday, 10 February 2008

NHSF: Events this week


With the second semester well under way, our weekly events are in full swing.
This week...

Hanuman Chalisa...
Following on from the hugely successful first session, Hanuman Chalisa returns this week. Come and join us recite the Hanuman Chalisa and engage in awe inspiring discussions.

: Geoffrey Manton Building. Meet at reception area of Geoffrey Manton building
Date: Tuesday 12th February
Time: 5.30pm - 6.30pm

The national khel (sports) competition is on Saturday 23rd Feb at Loughborough University. With over 30 universities attending, make sure you take this opportuntiy to represent Manchester NHSF. Here's how to get involved...

Date: Tuesday 12th February
Time: TBC. Check our website, www.machester.nhsf.org.uk on Tuesday morning for details on the time.
Venue: Powerleague Central, 20 Union Street,M12 4JD. Meet outside the Manchester Museum entrance on Oxford Road (opposite Brunswick Street). Look out for the White NHSF hoodies!
Cost: Members: £1.50/ Non-Members: £2

Date: Wednesday 13th February
Time: 2pm-4pm
Venue: Sugden Sports Centre
Cost: Members: £1.50/ Non-Members: £2

Sewa Week...25th-29th February 2008

This is a whole week dedicated to sewa (charity) by NHSF. Its a great way to get involved in lots of fun activities and contribute to charity. Details of the week will be sent to you soon. If you have any ideas, please get in touch. To inspire you, last year we held a sponsored wax-athon, swim-athon and bake sale!!!


NHSF Manchester.

t: 07092 258 264
e: manchester@nhsf.org.uk

Friday, 8 February 2008

[MJS] Announcements & Events

Manchester Jewish Students

MJS...What's Going on?


For anyone interested in learning Hebrew:
Starting this Wednesday and continuing for the rest of semester, there will be classes available for the great price of £1.
Beginners 1.30-2.30
Intermediate 2.30-3.30
If interested in this great opportunity, let Harriet know on 07912628449

UJS Manhigut Programme

UJS is offering you an unbelievable opportunity to join the Manhigut program. Manhigut (Hebrew for leadership) is an intensive political and educational training program that takes place in Israel , and it gives you the chance to become a leading activist on campus.

How much?:
All this for the highly subsidised price of £250 all included (flights, travel, educational content, hotels and great kosher food).

Manchester University Buddhist Society: 3 talks this term

Manchester University Buddhist Society

There are three talks coming soon you shouldn't miss!

February 7th Prof. Karel Warner

Death, birth and personal identity in Buddhism

February 14th Dr. Francesca Tarocco

"Buddhist Music and Ritual"

February 21st Pat MacDonald

"Practice in the 21st Century?"

All talks 7:30 pm at Sangam Room (St. Peter's Chaplancy –Oxford Road, opposite to Blackwells).

Contact: Enrique Galvan-Alvarez 07875256868 landofdakinis@gmail.com

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Sikh Soc: bowling

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Hey all – hope you all had a great Christmas break, aced the exams and are now chillin' to the max! We'll we've got our first event of 2008, and yep it's none other than the eagerly-anticipated BOWLING AND MEAL!

We'll be heading down to Megabowl at the Parrs Wood complex in Didsbury where after the competition, one lucky/talented individual will be crowned 'Singh-Pin 08'!
Theres also loads of restaurants in the complex and we'll decide where we're going to be eating after the bowling, but traditionally (!) we've ended up at Nandos or Pizza Hut!

Date: Tuesday 5th February
Time: 5.30pm
Meeting Point: Outside UMSU
Contact: 07930120580 (Daaneshwar)

We'll be taking the bus down to Didsbury – so don't forget your bus passes/money. Also please remember your student cards for the student discount at Megabowl..
So please, come down for a great, fun-packed evening, we guarantee that you will enjoy it!

The poster for the event is attached.


We have finally got the hoodies and t-shirts sorted, so anyone who was interested in buying one, please contact Harvinder (07943827683). Hoodies are priced at £10 for members and £11 for non-members, and t-shirts are £ 5 for members and £ 6 for non-members.
The following sizes are available: XS,S,M,L,XL.

Look out for more events coming your way soon, and keep checking our Facebook Group (search for Manchester Sikh Society)

See you all soon!

Manchester Universities Sikh Society

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

"Maans Ki Jath Sabhai Ekai Pahihchanbo"
Recognise the whole Human Race as one

- Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj (Akaal Ustat)

Weekly events at NHSF


This week NHSF Manchester host TWO new events!

Meet and Greet...
This Monday, prepare yourselves for a slightly different type of event - a meet-and-greet, where you can have the opportunity to get to know people with the same interests as you, while feasting on the free food we will be providing!

: Manchester Metropolitan Students' Union Conference Room, 3rd floor
Date: Monday 4th February
Time: 6.00pm
For more information join the facebook group at: http://manchester.facebook.com/event.php?eid=12158431334

Hanuman Chalisa...

For the first time ever, NHSF Manchester will be hosting Hanuman Chalisa recitation sessions. Come and join us recite the Hanuman Chalisa and engage in awe inspiring discussions.

: Geoffrey Manton Building. Meet at reception area of Geoffrey Manton building
Date: Tuesday 5th February
Time: 5.30pm - 6.30pm

With the national khel (sports) competition just around the corner (Saturday 23rd Feb) make sure you take this opportuntiy to represent Manchester NHSF. Last week we had a fantastic turnout to both of our sporting events so make sure you're part of the action this week Here's how to get involved...

Date: Tuesday 5th February
Time: 7pm-8pm
Venue: Powerleague Central, 20 Union Street,M12 4JD. Meet outside the Manchester Museum entrance on Oxford Road (opposite Brunswick Street) at 6.40pm latest. Look out for the White NHSF hoodies!
Cost: Members: £1.50/ Non-Members: £2

Date: Wednesday 6th February
Time: 2pm-4pm
Venue: Sugden Sports Centre
Cost: Members: £1.50/ Non-Members: £2


NHSF Manchester.

t: 07092 258 264
e: manchester@nhsf.org.uk

Friday, 1 February 2008

Pancake Day

Hi, Everyone. Next Tuesday happens to be Pancake Day. We will be
visiting Catholic Chaplaincy with everyone from St. Peter's. Please
bring a few pounds of donation as well. Also, the minutes of the last
meeting are out. Click the link below if you want to know what is
going on.

Click on http://groups.google.co.uk/group/manchesterstudentinterfaithsociety/web/minutes-of-meeting-29-01-2008?hl=en

Interfaith Soc Minutes of Meeting 29/01/2008

University of Manchester Interfaith Society
6:00pm, 29/01/2008

St Peter's Chaplaincy's Library


James, Mo, Simon, Yoji, Enrique, John


Joy, Kevin,

Next Meeting


Pancake day

Aria House?


Dinner, Talk and Movie

-Invite new Muslim Chaplin for a talk


-Society Meeting prior to the Banquet, plus Film plus food


- Food and Movie

Invite Sikh Speaker from the last Banquet for a talk

-Yoji will contact the speaker


- Banquet


- End of the term meeting

Church/Temple/Synagogue/Mosque Visit
-Chinese New Year (a celebration at Chinese Buddhist temple)
-Purim (Jewish) March 21 - March 22, invitation from Reformed Jewish Synagogue
-Multifaith week
-Standing invitation from Sikh (Saturday 7 am)
-Standing invitation from Hare Krishina (Sunday)

The Banquet
Date 06/03/2008
Provisional - Man Met Students' Union Conference Hall
or St. Peter's
-James will ask Gary to make poster and leaflet. It should be ready by 19/02/2008
-Student's Direct and Students' Union Event Diary should be contacted (Joy)
-Facebook - Joy
- Mailing List - Yoji is making a mailing group using googlegroup.
- James will ask Nathan if the Banquet can be included in publicity material for Peace Week 2008

- We have decided to focus on "Community Peace" to go along with the theme of Peace Week 2008, with specific focus on the relationship among different religious communities in U.K.
- The specific wording of the title (and subtitle) has not been decided.

Guest & Speaker
One members are assigned to find a speaker for each faith
Christianity - James
Islam - Mo
Judaism - Hana or Enrique
Hindu - ?
Baha'i - Simon
Sikh - Yoji
Buddhism - Not this time

A day or weekend trip after the Easter holiday
Date - The first weekend of May or the last weekend of April
Place - Not too far from Manchester (cheaper and easier)

Simon would ask if we can join an Alpha course retreat

Contact Terry to see if there are any cheap/free accommodation

Next Meeting
- The next formal meeting will be held in 11/03/2008

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

MMUISOC forhtcoming talk forward

Assalaamu Alaikum

Hope your all in the best of health and imaan and that all your exams went well

MMUISOC would like to present to you a refreshing talk by


Thursday 31st Januray 2008

For more Information please contact the relevant numbers:- BROTHERS:-07738659145 SISTERS:-07746222550

JazakAllah Khair

Hope to see you all there InshAllah
Your Islamic Society

[ISOC] Sisters' study circle

Assalaamu Alaikum

EVER WEDNESDAY (beginning 30th Jan 08)
Tajweed class : 2-3 pm
Seerah Circle: Legacy of the Prophet (SAW)
330-430 pm
Venue : Mc Dougal, sisters' section
Any queries contact : noor@manchesterisoc.com

Your Islamic Society

Monday, 28 January 2008

SCM this week: bibles and newspapers


SCM this Thursday is on 'Bible in one hand, Newspaper in the other', which is going to be led by Owen. This session is the same as the one which was cancelled in last terms programme.

The meeting starts at 7.30pm in St. Peter's House Chaplaincy on Oxford Road.

Please note that there will be no meals this term until further notice - so all meetings will now be starting at 7.30pm. Feel free to arrive early for a cup of tea or coffee though.

God bless,


Friday, 25 January 2008

Interfaith Society Next Tuesday (29/01/08)

Hi, everyone. We are finalising the topic/theme for the Banquet in the next meeting. We also want to list up potential speakers and guests.

Currently, "Music" is the strongest contender. The provisional title is something like "Sound of Peace, Acoustic of Sacred" (the word "music" was removed because some religions only allow drums or chanting). Another topic/theme is "Community" ("Faith and community", "Role of religious community in secular society", "Faith, community and peace", etc), as this seems to be the main theme of Peace Week 2008.

After the meeting, we will be watching a film (Everything is Illuminated), with snacks. I'm sorry about this week's screw up over the film. And thank you More for preparing meals. It was delicious.


Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Interfaith meeting: film "Devil's playground"

Today we saw the film "Devil's playground" about life of Amish, especially the time when amish teenagers are allowed to mix with the outside world so they can make their own free choice on whether to join the church and stay amish for rest of their lives or leave the church, the film covered the lives and decisions of many amish teenagers. Mo prepared a delicious 3 course curry meal and Yoji got crisps and drinks for the film. 7-8 people attended. We also discussed the agenda for forthcoming Manchester peace week, the multifaith pilgrimage to glasgow, where to visit next week, invciting hare krishnas to teach us cooking etc.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Minutes of first Interfaith soc meeting of new year

University of Manchester Interfaith Society
6:00pm, 15/01/2008
St Peter's Chaplaincy's Library


James, Kevin, Mo, Simon, Yoji



Approval of the minutes of last meeting held in 11/12/2007

Events Calender between 21/01/2008 to 14/03/2008


-Tu B'Shevat (Jewish New Year for Trees)

-Visit Jackson's Row Manchester Reform Synagogue

-Yoji will arrange a visit.


-Hare Krishina

-Invite a ISKCON member to give us talk about Hare Krishina diet and if possible ask to prepare us meal.

-We will pay for the cost of food

-Kevin will pay them a visit to their temple this Friday and ask

-Yoji will see if it is possible to claim union funding


Pancake day

-Join a celebration at Catholic Chaplaincy of University of Manchester
-Kevin will check the exact schedule
-We may also have a small meeting to finalise the topic/theme of Banquet


-Invite new Muslim Chaplin for a talk
-May be, Hana could make an invitation.
-James will give Yoji the detail so he can pass it to Hana


-Society Meeting prior to the Banquet, plus Film plus food


-Invite Sikh Speaker from the last Banquet for a talk

-John will contact the speaker

-James is going to find out where John is at the moment


-The date may be changed to Wednesday or Thursday
-More details in the next section


-End of the term meeting

Church/Temple/Synagogue/Mosque Visit
-21/01/2008 World Religion Days at Baha'i Center in Fallowfield.
-Chinese New Year (a celebration at Chinese Buddhist temple)
-Purim (Jewish) March 21 - March 22
-Multifaith week - Kevin will find out the date
-Standing invitation from Sikh (Saturday 7 am)
-Standing invitation from Hare Krishina (Sunday)

The Banquet

-It will be held duringManchester Peace Week (01/03/08-09/02/08) http://www.peaceweek.co.uk/2008/01/
-According to Nathan & Clare, preferred day for the Banquet is Wednesday or Thursday rather than Tuesday due to schedule crush with other event.
-James will esquire about it in the staff meeting held in 16/01/2008

- James suggested that more neutral location is preferred than St. Peter's Chaplaincy
- There is a possibility that the Students' Union of Manchester Metropolitan University may let us use their conference room
- James will make inquiry to a member of Man Met students' union executive.

-James will ask Gary to make poster and leaflet. It should be ready by 19/02/2008
-Poster should be posted to Students' Union Building of Man Met and UofM, Barlington Society, International Society, Middle Eastern Department (Various members are responsible for distribution of the posters)
-Leaflet should be distributed during Wednesday soup and Chinese packed lunch (Mo)
-Student's Direct and Students' Union Event Diary should be contacted (Yoji or Kevin)
-Email/letter invitation to all religions societies in Man Met and UofM (James will obtain email lists from ManMet, Yoji from UofM)
-Facebook - Joy
-Mailing List - Yoji is making a mailing group using googlegroup.
-James will ask Nathan if the Banquet can be included in publicity material for Peace Week 2008

Guest & Speaker
- We have decided to postpone this matter until the topic/theme of the event is decided

- Many society members could not attend today's meeting due to various circumstances
- We have decided to canvass for the topic/theme for another 2/3 weeks
- The theme/topics must be finalised by 05/02
- The Banquet coincide with Peace week and Multifaith Women's day of prayer
- It was pointed out that we have done many topic related to peace and women so maybe, different topic may be appropriate
- Given that it is held in the peace week, the topic for this particular Banquet should be positive rather than controversial (and possibly divisive)
-Topics suggested so far: Peace, Women's right, Just War, Role of religious communities in fostering peace, Role of religious communities in secular societies, Music

Retreat after the Easter holiday
-It was suggested that we should have multifaith pilgrimage instead.
-For examples, Glasgow has a multifaith museum, largest Tibetan temple in u.k., etc.
-We could visit various religious temple/church/synagogue/mosque in Glasgow over the weekend. -Transport expenses can be covered by the special funding from the union. (Yoji will look into it).
- We need to find an free accomodation to make the visit affordable for everyone.
- Each of us could get sleeping bag, so as long as we get a roof, it is fine.
- James (who used to live there) says he will look into it.

Administrative matter

Society registration
- strangely someone registered the society for us, despite us lacking union members for exective.
- Yoji has applied to life membership of SU. Once accepted, he will apply to the position of the treasurer.
- Yoji has created an mailing list account in googlegroup

Next Meeting
- A small meeting is held in 05/02/2008 before or after Pancake day event to decide the topic/theme of the next Banquet
- The next formal meeting will be held in 11/03/2008

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Interfaith Society - Next meeting

Happy New Year to you all.

The next meeting was scheduled to be held at Tuesday, 22nd of January. However, I noticed that this date will crash with Tu B'Shevat (Jewish New Year for Trees), in which we are being invited. Can I change the date of our next meeting to Tuesday, 15th of January instead.
The agendas for the next meeting following the previous meeting will be the followings.

* Event Calendar for the Second semester (28 January 2008 - 14 March 2008)
o Hare Krishina Cooking session
o Debate/Discussion with Humanist/Atheist
o Sikh - Speaker event
o Tu B'Shevat (Jewish New Year for Trees) 22/Jan,
o Pancake day (02/Feb) during Multicultural Week (01~06 Feb)
o If you have any other idea, please propose it at the meeting.
* The Banquet
o The next Banquet must be held before Easter vacation. In the past, it coincided with Manchester Peace Week (01~09 Mar 2008) and Multifaith Women's World Day of Prayer (07/Mar/08). Topics of discussion will be
+ The format of the event
+ Speakers
+ Publicity
* The retreat after the Easter vacation
o It has been suggested that we should have an weekend retreat after the Easter vacation.
* Administrative matters
o Next meeting
o Society registration
o Special funding allocation

If you think there is any other matter of importance to be discussed, please email me so any new agenda can be circulated at least few days before the meeting.