Friday, 1 February 2008

Interfaith Soc Minutes of Meeting 29/01/2008

University of Manchester Interfaith Society
6:00pm, 29/01/2008

St Peter's Chaplaincy's Library


James, Mo, Simon, Yoji, Enrique, John


Joy, Kevin,

Next Meeting


Pancake day

Aria House?


Dinner, Talk and Movie

-Invite new Muslim Chaplin for a talk


-Society Meeting prior to the Banquet, plus Film plus food


- Food and Movie

Invite Sikh Speaker from the last Banquet for a talk

-Yoji will contact the speaker


- Banquet


- End of the term meeting

Church/Temple/Synagogue/Mosque Visit
-Chinese New Year (a celebration at Chinese Buddhist temple)
-Purim (Jewish) March 21 - March 22, invitation from Reformed Jewish Synagogue
-Multifaith week
-Standing invitation from Sikh (Saturday 7 am)
-Standing invitation from Hare Krishina (Sunday)

The Banquet
Date 06/03/2008
Provisional - Man Met Students' Union Conference Hall
or St. Peter's
-James will ask Gary to make poster and leaflet. It should be ready by 19/02/2008
-Student's Direct and Students' Union Event Diary should be contacted (Joy)
-Facebook - Joy
- Mailing List - Yoji is making a mailing group using googlegroup.
- James will ask Nathan if the Banquet can be included in publicity material for Peace Week 2008

- We have decided to focus on "Community Peace" to go along with the theme of Peace Week 2008, with specific focus on the relationship among different religious communities in U.K.
- The specific wording of the title (and subtitle) has not been decided.

Guest & Speaker
One members are assigned to find a speaker for each faith
Christianity - James
Islam - Mo
Judaism - Hana or Enrique
Hindu - ?
Baha'i - Simon
Sikh - Yoji
Buddhism - Not this time

A day or weekend trip after the Easter holiday
Date - The first weekend of May or the last weekend of April
Place - Not too far from Manchester (cheaper and easier)

Simon would ask if we can join an Alpha course retreat

Contact Terry to see if there are any cheap/free accommodation

Next Meeting
- The next formal meeting will be held in 11/03/2008

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