Sunday, 17 February 2008

Interfaith Soc meeting this tursday

Hi, Everyone. Next Tuesday is usual curry meal + film. We will be discussing the Banquet which is happening in three weeks. Oh, and why not discuss about Danish Cartoon controversy? Last weeks' discussion about Sharia comment made by the Archbishop of Canterbury was interesting.

James. Can you finalise the time and the room. Plus could you ask Garry to make the poster.
Mo. Can you bring my memory stick and "Everything is Illuminated"
Kevin. Can you make a contact with Hindu speaker.
Enrique. If you are attending, could you bring two special funding request forms.


Last week's email

Hi everyone. There will be a meal followed by a documentary film called "The Great Silence" and is about Cartoussian (a Catholic order) monks in the South of France. .

See you


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