Sunday, 17 February 2008

nhsf : get involved


Calling all members!! Do YOU want to get involved with the organisation of our events? Have you wanted to co-ordinate events such as Sitaare or Omkari, or organize our weekly Football? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE...

This week our weekly member's meeting continue...

Date: Monday 18th February 2008
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Manchester Met SU, Conference Room 2, 3rd floor

The meeting will look at the structure of the society and it's activities. An excellent opportunity to have one-to-one discussions with committee members.

Here are some of the areas of the society where you can make a difference...

* Football
* Netball
* Kabaddi/Kho
* Dance Workshops
* Education
* Sewa and Fundraising
* Graphics Design
* Publications and Articles
* Events Management (Omkari/Sitaare)

Meetings will continue throughout the semester. Please come along, and join the team. This is your chance to get involved with NHSF and become part of the committee selection process for next year, and will be a great opportunity for you to direct your opinion, comments, suggestions and questions directly to the committee regarding the running of NHSF Manchester so far this year.


NHSF Manchester.
t: 07092 258 264

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