Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Apr 24: Film on John Safran Vs God

We watched four episodes of John Safran Vs God. If anybody is interested, a lot of the episodes are available on youtube, such as this one (treat for those of you who hate John Safran or think Buddhism is all fluffy and cute):

Hope to see you next week for the next four episodes, including the most interesting one on his exorcism by an evangelical minister.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Apr 17: Discussion on burial rituals

We had a discussion on a variety of topics including:
Burial and cremation: costs and ceremonies in different countries and different religions
Kevin's tour of Greece
Anti semitism and anti-gypsies in different european countries
10% taxes given to the Catholic or Lutheran church in Germany
Jack Van Impe, the walking Bible, who has memorised large protions of the Bible
Apocamon, a Bible revelations comic in Manga style at e-sheep.com

Next week (25 April) we will be seeing a funny film (provided by John) about a person in search of God, who gets beaten by Buddhists in Japan, asks to join KKK in America although he is jewish, confesses something nasty in a Catholic confession, etc. We will hopefully be arranging a tour to the Mosque in Didsbury the following week.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Apr 15: Sikhi Week

Its Gursharan Singh from Manchester Universities Sikh Society. I just wanted to let you guys know that there's a massive exhibition taking place at St. Peters Chaplaincy, Oxford Road on the 25th of April called 'Sikhi Centre'.
There's going to be a stall based exhibition on the basics of the Sikh faith, together with Talks by the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail and some other eminent speakers, on topics such as Sikhs in the World Wars and Meditation etc.
Kirtan (Hymns) will be sung by Baba Fateh Singh Academy (based in India), together with a Sikh Martial Art Demo and also evening meals will be provided! It's all looking, with the grace of God, like it'll hopefully be a great day, so please come along.

So please send this information aswell as the poster attached to as many faith societies as possible.