Tuesday, 12 February 2008

SCM meeting: Thursday 14 Feb


Fancy escaping the swarms of hearts, simpering teddy bears and romantic tat that will be descending upon the UK on February the 14th?

Then why not come for a free meal and talk on Thursday evening instead!

6.30pm at St Peter's Chaplaincy for dinner, or come along at 7.30 for a talk entitled 'Love and Social Justice'. It would be great to see you all there.

For those of you who have not yet heard, the results of last Thursday's SCM annual elections are as follows:

SCM Co-Ordinator: Holly Cumbers
Secretary: Daisy Black
Treasurer: Tim Traivasse

Please feel free to contact us using this address if you have any questions about or suggestions for SCM.

We are currently in need of kind culinary volunteers to make food for us for sessions on the 28th Feb, 6th of March and 13th of March - please get in contact with Holly if you can help out. Likewise, if anybody would be interested in leading a talk or workshop, we have a slot free on the 6th of March and are looking for people to conduct sessions after Easter.

Best wishes,



Also at St Peter's:

Keep It Simple Service
Sundays at 6.30pm

Reflective student-led worship, food and fellowship. This term follows the readings of the Easter vigil.

For more information, please contact James Grant: james.grant@manchester.ac.uk

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